Half A Sixpence - Week 9!

By Amber Harrington September 29, 2019

I think it’s safe to say that after this week’s rehearsals, we’ve all got ‘Money to Burn – Part Two’ on the brain.

Money to Burn

This week’s rehearsals were FULL ON – we sang, we danced, we banjoed and the results are looking phenomenal. Luckily, the cast are loving every minute because the energy needed for this number is quite extraordinary. However, we are taking on the challenge with gusto! Who knew that we would all be so good at drinking and dancing in the pub?

The previous night also had some magical moments all of its own. ‘Joy of the Theatre’ is one of those addictive songs and as you can see, the cast involved have been working hard to master the slick, energetic choreography that Louisa presented them with. Did I mention that this week’s rehearsal needed lots of energy?!

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Joy of the Theatre