Joseph – the aftermath

By Louisa Taylor April 30, 2012

“Way, way back 15 weeks ago Not long after rehearsals began I looked at the size of the cast for this show And said to myself: “Is this a good plan?”

Barnstormers doing Joseph again So much to do and so little time Barnstormers doing Joseph again A crazy few months but it all worked out fine!”

I can’t believe that all those 15 weeks of rehearsals, kilos of cakes and too many bananas for anyone to really ever want to think about have all gone so quickly. It barely seems 5 minutes since I started testing early staging ideas on the set of Snow White (not during the show, Clare, honest).

Cheesy though it is, words are not going to be enough to express just how proud I am of everyone involved in Joseph. Perhaps my rather emotional episodes at the end of the last two shows say enough. If not, then the enormous smiles on the faces of everyone in the audience proved to us all that we had given them a show to remember. You were all stars! Being part of the audience was a fantastic experience – getting to see first-hand the stunning amount of energy, enthusiasm, talent and fantastic singing that Barnstormers is becoming so famous for. All those cheers and standing ovations were for real! You should all be very, very proud of the fantastic show you performed night after night whether you were on stage, in the band, singing in the pit, part of the crew (backstage, sound, lighting, make-up, costumes or anything else I should know better than to forget!)

It was so amazing to watch you all get better and better every night until it became clear that my infamous notebook was surplus to requirements. May it rest in peace.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the entire team on stage and off who helped give life to the dreams I had for this show and literally made my dreams (and Joseph’s) come true. It was better than I could ever have imagined! From the patience of the backstage and props/scenery crew creating giant Pharaoh heads, bony sheep and golden chariots and the lighting team’s creation of “sad desert” lighting, to the costume team’s creation of Joseph and Pharaoh’s glitzy numbers and smoking lounge attire for “Potiphar” – it just could never have been what it was without you. Thanks to you all this production of “Joseph” will always have a very special place in my heart.

I know many of you will be waiting expectantly for me to reveal the real casting for Joseph…watch this space and the Barnstormers website…all will be revealed…!

Have a fantastic few weeks catching up on rest and getting make into “normal” life (whatever that it). Hopefully see some of you on Friday evening (see separate email) and look forward to seeing the rest of you at the introduction night to A Christmas Carol and the AGM. Until then, I’ll leave you with the challenge of trying to get those colours out of your head…red, yellow….

Thank you again, and God bless.

Louisa x