“Joseph” – A Feasting Story

By Louisa Taylor February 16, 2012

Camel caravan in a desert

Week 4 of rehearsals. The passage of time is frightening, isn’t it? I wonder if that’s how Joseph felt as the weeks, months and years rolled by while he wasted away in prison? Unlike Joseph we’ve all chosen to be part of this machine known as “Joseph”. I, for one, have not been wasting away but have instead used rehearsals and prep time as an excuse for tucking into the leftover Christmas chocolates, Friday fry-ups and everything else that is less than good for one’s health. So far my cunning plan seems to be working and the scales have not bitten back with a nasty reading of weight gain. All is well.

Joking aside it is vital to keep up energy levels especially when the preparation for rehearsals takes up the other three weekday evenings and at least part of one day at the weekend. I don’t think I have ever felt quite so schizophrenic as when I am trying to be every character on stage at once. It is, as you can imagine, quite a draining experience. Thank goodness that we have some outstanding chefs on the Production Team guaranteeing me a wonderfully tasty and nutritious home-cooked meal every few weeks. There might also be a glass of wine involved.

Our last Production team meeting revolved around the wonderful creation below, known as an Annlentsagne:

It is quite simply divine. A luxurious take on the humble lasagne made with lentils, spices and all sorts of other culinary secrets that could not be divulged even by the chef herself. Served with a classic green salad, garlic bread and a singular glass of wine it was unbeatable as the cries of “mmm” at the table would attest. I won’t mention here that someone not too far away got the giggles over the number of times she uttered the “mmm” word or how hard it was to hold it back. I’m sure you have no idea who I mean.

Not only did we have this wonderful creation but it was followed by a heavenly dessert whose contents I am bound by oath not to reveal. I can tell you that the centre was packed with home-grown blackberry jam and topped with lashings of… no, not ginger beer (honestly)… of cream. Beauty itself.

With so much energy-producing food around it is hardly any wonder that we have almost finished our initial journey through Act 1. Of course there is still a long way to go. Lyrics need to be remembered, harmonies might need just the tiniest bit of recapping and the staging/dancing will need regular refreshing to ensure none of the little details are forgotten. But I think we can happily celebrate how far we have come in only eight rehearsals and be justly proud of the hard work and dedication going in to putting on an amazing production.

Here’s to all you have achieved so far and all we are going to achieve over the coming weeks. In the words of good old Cliff: “CON-GRAT-U-LATIONS!” Must be time for a late-morning donut.

Photo of Camel Caravan in Desert by Digitalart: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=2280