Happy Birthday Charlie Stemp!

A number of our members are admirers of Charlie Stemp, the actor that played the leading role of Arthur Kipps in the West End ‘Half A Sixpence’, since we first watched him perform in Chichester. His birthday seemed the perfect day to celebrate our wonderful cast and crew. It isn’t long to go until we will performing our version of ‘Kipps: Half A Sixpence’and we are so excited! Here is our very own Arthur Kipps hoping to do Charlie Stemp proud.

So on Saturday 30th November, Charlie Stemp’s birthday, a number of wonderful Barnstormers headed straight to the sea for a bit of inspiration for our upcoming show ‘Half A Sixpence’. We all dressed up in our costumes and embraced the fresh air to help us learn more about our characters.

Happy birthday Charlie!

Half A Sixpence – Week 18!

Our cast have had another hugely successful week. Thursday’s rehearsal turned into a bit of a workout, as we refined the movement for the end of ‘Flash, Bang, Wallop!’ before quickly moving on to the reprise after a few moments of trying to catch our breath in between. It’s an exhausting but hugely exciting end to the show so we’ve all been building up our stamina in preparation for February. It’s already feeling and looking pretty spectacular! Wait until we get our props…

On Friday, we spent a bit more time working on the scenes that develop the romantic relationship between Kipps and Ann. Kipps and Ann sing the most beautiful number, ‘Long Ago’ in Act Two but it requires an extraordinarily long note at the end, which both Kipps and Ann are working hard to perfect. Maxwell, Mrs Walsingham, James, Kipps and Helen also had a catchy and rather amusing number to learn on Friday, which soon evolved into a scene full of drama and conflict.

On Saturday, Barnstormers were lucky enough to have a stall at the Christmas market at Patcham Methodist Church.

We were pleased to sell a number of tickets for our performances but it does mean that we have very limited seats left available. If you still haven’t got your tickets, you will need to act quickly, as they will soon be gone!

We can’t wait to show audiences all our hard work! It’s going to be a FANTASTIC show!


Half A Sixpence -Week 17!

What a picture! What a picture! Yes, you guessed it. It was finally the week to learn the choreography for the iconic number ‘Flash, Bang, Wallop!’

As you can see, we’ve been working on our photogenic faces and positions to get that all important group photograph. It turns out that it’s harder than we thought to get the perfect picture!

One of our favourite parts of this wonderful song are the stories that run throughout it. Here is Anne Boleyn’s last photograph just before her head ‘rolled off the block…’ You’ll have to book tickets to see the rest of the stories and we promise, you won’t be disappointed.

This number is one of the highlights of ‘Half A Sixpence’ and we’re putting all our energy into rehearsals to ensure audiences will be truly wowed. Now, we’ve got to go and work on our smiles, before the photographer has one too many drinks…

Everybody say ‘Cheese!’

Kipps: The New Half A Sixpence Musical – Poster!

Kipps: The New Half a Sixpence Musical
Kipps: The New Half a Sixpence Musical Poster

It gives us great pleasure to release the show poster for our February 2020 show ‘Kipps: The New Half a Sixpence Musical’.

Tickets are available here or from our box office on 01273 307109

Performances are at the following times:

  • Thursday 27th February at 19:30
  • Friday 28th February at 19:30
  • Saturday 29th February at 14:00
  • Saturday 29th February at 19:30

No plans for how to spend your extra day this leap year? Why not treat yourself and come along to Kipps: The New Half a Sixpence Musical. It’s going to be great!

Half A Sixpence – Week 15!

We’re officially half way through our rehearsal run and time is just whizzing by!

The challenges of Act Two are well under way and this week especially has had us all sweating bucketfuls. Dancing ‘Pick Out A Simple Tune’ has certainly been exhausting but gosh, it’s a fun number! We’ve all been working hard to isolate random body parts and play with spoons, whilst singing beautifully in harmony. I think we’re doing a grand job so far.

We also had the pleasure of revealing our poster for the show and doesn’t it look professional?! We’re so proud of the show and it’s a real treat to have a poster for the whole world to see. It’s time for everyone to book their seats before they run out!

Book your tickets before they sell out: www.barnstormers.org.uk/tickets

Half A Sixpence – Week 9!

I think it’s safe to say that after this week’s rehearsals, we’ve all got ‘Money to Burn – Part Two’ on the brain.

This week’s rehearsals were FULL ON – we sang, we danced, we banjoed and the results are looking phenomenal. Luckily, the cast are loving every minute because the energy needed for this number is quite extraordinary. However, we are taking on the challenge with gusto! Who knew that we would all be so good at drinking and dancing in the pub?

The previous night also had some magical moments all of its own. ‘Joy of the Theatre’ is one of those addictive songs and as you can see, the cast involved have been working hard to master the slick, energetic choreography that Louisa presented them with. Did I mention that this week’s rehearsal needed lots of energy?!

Come and see for yourself – Buy tickets here: www.barnstormers.org.uk/tickets/