Beauty and The Beast – Synopsis

Well, what an exhausting but utterly rewarding show run that was! Show week always seems so quick when you’ve spent the last four months rehearsing, living and breathing Beauty and The Beast. I hope that you all enjoyed our performance of Beauty and The Beast and that you will join us for our next performance of Snow White and the Seven Little Men in November.

On behalf of Barnstormers, we would like to thank every single person who came to watch the show, you were all great audiences and we hope you enjoyed watching the shows as much as we enjoyed putting them on for you. If you enjoyed the show then please let us know by signing our guestbook or by telling us in the forums.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us produce Beauty and The Beast in any way. As a treat, keep your eyes peeled, photos of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ will be available soon!

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Who came to see Beauty and The Beast?

Just flicking through some of the images captured before the Saturday Matinee and who should we spot in the audience but Maurice (Gerry Schuller) from Brighton Theatre Group!

Brighton Theatre Groups' Maurice
Brighton Theatre Groups' Maurice (Gerry Schuller)

Unfortunately I didn’t get to catch up with him after the performance to gauge his reaction but it certainly is nice to know the kinds of people who come to see Barnstormers productions!