Titanic Cast List & Week 1 rehearsals

Hi everyone

Welcome to week 1 of rehearsals for “Titanic The Musical,” and thanks to all who came along to the launch/audition evening last Friday and for your patience during “read throughs.” This especially applies to the ladies, who were not utilized as much as I had planned, due to time running out. However, I hope that you all enjoyed the evening and well done for great readings and characterizations.

The exciting yet mammoth task of casting has now been done, and many things have been taken into consideration, not least the wonderful talents that you all have and obviously, your vocal ranges.  Other considerations include past roles/opportunities, rehearsal availability and the how to double-up characters without them clashing in the same scenes. Sorry that couldn’t get this to you earlier in the week but we have been updating the group email address list, ready for use.

So….here is the cast list that I know you all want to get to.

It is in the order of characters taken from the script books which is grouped into Officers/Crew, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class Passengers, On Shore & Other Crew Members/Staff which is not necessarily in order of importance. I have indicated what nationality the character is, if other than British.


Thomas Andrews    –   The Designer & Builder        Seb   (doubles as Hartley, Bandmaster)
J.Bruce Ismay           –   The Owner  Nick Herriott  (doubles as John B. Thayer, & 1st man)
Capt. E. J. Smith    –   Captain                                  Gary
Murdoch                   –   First Officer (Scottish)        John Corin  (doubles as 2nd class pass)
Lightoller                 –   Second Officer                      Nick Poyner (doubles as 2nd class pass)
Pitman                       –   Third Officer                        Bob  (doubles as the Major, & 4th man)
Boxall                         –   Fourth Officer                 Katy Gerard (doubles as Taylor & Rogers)
No Hitchens                 –                                                         ————-
Harold Bride            –   Wireless Operator         Paul B.
Frederick Barrett   –   Stoker (Yorkshire)        James  (doubles as Fleet-Lookout)
Frederick Fleet        –   Lookout                          James (doubles at Barrett & poss 1st/2nd)
Joseph Bell                 –  Chief Engineer Stephen (doubles as Carlson, Widener & 2nd man)
Henry Etches             –  Senior First Class Steward     Bert     (doubles 3rd class Steward)
Bellboy                        –   Natalie              (doubles as 3rd class passenger)

FIRST CLASS PASSENGERS (all double as 3rd Class passengers)

Isidor Straus             –  (Jewish)                              Hyder             (doubles as German man)
Ida Straus                  –  Isidor’s wife (Jewish)        Ann
John J. Astor             –                                               George
Madeleine Astor       –   J.J.’s young bride             Hannah Trott
Benjamin Guggenheim     (American)               Matt (doubles as Jim Farrell & 3rd man)
Madame Aubert         –   Benjamin’s mistress (French)    Rachel Jaap
John B. Thayer            –   Nick Herriott (doubles as Ismay the owner & 3rd class 1st man)
Marion Thayer            –   John’s wife                       Paula Gerard
Jack Thayer                 –   John & Marion’s son        Katy De Lucia
George Widener         –   Stephen         (doubles as Bell, Carlson & 3rd class 2nd man)
Eleanor Widener        –   Becky Knight (doubles as Darlene, & Stewardess Robinson)
Charlotte Cardoza     –   (Italian)                              Ruth
Edith Corse Evans      –                                               Hannah Jaap
J. H. Rogers                   – (American)Katy Gerard(doubles as Boxall & Taylor, (bandsman)
The Major                     –                                                Bob  (doubles as Pitman & 4th man)


Alice Beane                 –  (Amercian mid-west)    Paula Steel
Edgar Beane                –  (American mid-west)   Keith     (doubles as 3rd class passenger)
Charles Clark               –      Clare Jaap      (doubles as 1st class & 3rd class dancer)
Caroline Neville          –     Hannah M.     (doubles as 1st class & 3rd class dancer)

THIRD CLASS PASSENGERS (all double as 1st class passengers)

Jim Farrell                   –   Irish       Matt     (doubles as Benjamin Guggenheim & 3rd man)
Kate McGowan            –   Irish        Louisa
Kate Mullins                –    Irish        Laura C.
Kate Murphey            –    Irish         Claire F.
(Laura will play the youngest of the Kates, so here Mullins
and Murphey are in reverse order)


Frank Carlson              -Stephen      (doubles as Bell, George Widener 3rd class 2nd man)


No Andrew Latimer        –                                                              ———
Stewardess Robinson
  Becky Knight (doubles as Eleanor Widener & Darlene)
Stewardess Hutchinson  Becky Hardy    (doubles as Bride’s wife & 3rd class passenger)
No DaMicos                   –                                                             ———
Wallace Hartley      –
Bandmaster Seb (doubles as Thomas Andrews, designer & builder)
Taylor                         –  Bandsman Katy Gerard (doubles as Boxall & J.H. Rogers, 1st class)
No Bricoux                      –                                                            ———–
Nurse to Ida Straus  –       Natasha K.       (doubles as 1st, 2nd & 3rd class)
Maid to Madeleine     –     Rachael Bourne (doubles as 1st, 2nd & 3rd class)

Congratulations to all, I am very excited by this line up and hope that you are too. There maybe extra small parts to take on as we go but you will all be busy don’t worry!
I will be sending more in depth information about your individual characters later, so that you can really get a feel for them.

We will be rehearsing every Thursday and Friday with the exception of next Thursday 19th July.

Thursday 12th July

7.30pm Issue of the scripts/scores and taking of subs, then Hannah P. will crack on with singing 2e – 2j from Act 1 Scene 1. All needed, including pit singers.
Later, we will start staging this section and pit singers may leave if they wish to.

I shall be meeting with our new stage manager Laura Mason (Debbie Gaston’s daughter,) to discuss set ideas.
(Jill & Gordon M. and Julie and Adrian Walker will be joining the team from stage-up day and from thereon in.)

Friday 13th July No Margaret Taylor.

7.30pm We will start with singing 2c- All crew, hotel staff & pit singers are needed with Hannah P. (excluding Stephen)   I will work with Seb on 1a.

8.20pm Leading onto 2d singing (Nick H, Seb & Gary,) when pit singers may leave. I will work with Paula S. Keith, Clare J & Hannah M. on Act 1 Scene 3, (7 & 7a)

8.50-9.05pm Break. After break we will sing 2, (James,) 2a (James & Paul) and 2c (James, Paul, Seb.)

I will work on Act 1 Scene 3, 8a & 8b with Natalie, Bob, Nick H. Gary, Matt, John C. & then 8C with Natalie, Bob, Becky K, George, Paula G, Hannah T. Nick P, Gary and remaining 1st class passengers & staff.

Once you are no longer needed, you may either leave, or watch the rehearsals, (quietly please.)

Louisa, Claire F, Laura & Stephen will not be needed tonight but again, do come along if you want to watch/listen.

Titanic auditions

A great turn out last night and I hope that you got a feel for the show and had fun too. Great “read-throughs” and enthusiasm thanks, and the singing and dancing sounded and looked great too.

Rehearsals will start next Thursday 12th July and continue every Thursday and Friday, with the exception of Thursday 19th July. The mammoth task of casting now starts and a cast list will be produced before next Thursday’s rehearsal.