Joseph – the aftermath

“Way, way back 15 weeks ago

Not long after rehearsals began

I looked at the size of the cast for this show

And said to myself: “Is this a good plan?”


Barnstormers doing Joseph again

So much to do and so little time

Barnstormers doing Joseph again

A crazy few months but it all worked out fine!”


I can’t believe that all those 15 weeks of rehearsals, kilos of cakes and too many bananas for anyone to really ever want to think about have all gone so quickly.  It barely seems 5 minutes since I started testing early staging ideas on the set of Snow White (not during the show, Clare, honest).

Cheesy though it is, words are not going to be enough to express just how proud I am of everyone involved in Joseph.  Perhaps my rather emotional episodes at the end of the last two shows say enough.  If not, then the enormous smiles on the faces of everyone in the audience proved to us all that we had given them a show to remember.  You were all stars!  Being part of the audience was a fantastic experience – getting to see first-hand the stunning amount of energy, enthusiasm, talent and fantastic singing that Barnstormers is becoming so famous for.  All those cheers and standing ovations were for real!  You should all be very, very proud of the fantastic show you performed night after night whether you were on stage, in the band, singing in the pit, part of the crew (backstage, sound, lighting, make-up, costumes or anything else I should know better than to forget!)   

It was so amazing to watch you all get better and better every night until it became clear that my infamous notebook was surplus to requirements.  May it rest in peace.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the entire team on stage and off who helped give life to the dreams I had for this show and literally made my dreams (and Joseph’s) come true.  It was better than I could ever have imagined!  From the patience of the backstage and props/scenery crew creating giant Pharaoh heads, bony sheep and golden chariots and the lighting team’s creation of “sad desert” lighting, to the costume team’s creation of Joseph and Pharaoh’s glitzy numbers and smoking lounge attire for “Potiphar” – it just could never have been what it was without you.  Thanks to you all this production of “Joseph” will always have a very special place in my heart.

I know many of you will be waiting expectantly for me to reveal the real casting for Joseph…watch this space and the Barnstormers website…all will be revealed…!

Have a fantastic few weeks catching up on rest and getting make into “normal” life (whatever that it).  Hopefully see some of you on Friday evening (see separate email) and look forward to seeing the rest of you at the introduction night to A Christmas Carol and the AGM.  Until then, I’ll leave you with the challenge of trying to get those colours out of your head…red, yellow….

Thank you again, and God bless.

Louisa x

Joseph – SHOW WEEK!!!

Hi all

Show week is finally here!  It seems only 5 minutes since I put on my iPod and started working out timings for the Joseph’s Dreams moves on the set of Snow White and yet here we are.

We were all extremely impressed with the dress rehearsal (and some of us were rather emotionally moved…..!!) and we’ve received lots of really great comments so well done to you all.  We are on track to putting on a really fantastic show!  Having said that there is still lots of room for improvements (!) so please watch out for notes coming your way and a few extra little rehearsals where we can grab you in groups on Tuesday – just so we can you really confident and excited!

TUESDAY arrive at 6pm – the costume team are working extremely hard over the next couple of days to get everything ready so Tuesday will now be a full costume and make-up run for everyone.  Please arrive as close to 6pm as possible with all your own pieces of costume and shoes so you have time to get your costumes laid out and make-up done ready for our warm-up and the extra bits of rehearsal we need to squeeze in.  I appreciate that this is a change to the original planned arrival time but will give you and the rest of the teams the best opportunity to ensure you have everything and that we resolve those last outstanding issues.  I know those of you who are working this week may struggle so please get there as soon as you can.  We will then aim to run from 7.30pm as if it was a performance with a warm-up about 7pm.

Choir – you will not need to wear or bring your costumes on Tuesday (or have make-up done).  Please arrive at 7.20pm.  Ideally we would like to keep you until we finish the show (hopefully 9.45/10pm) as we need to give you the opportunity to run the Act 2 singing (as this hasn’t had as many rehearsals), the “party scene”, your walk on at the end of the Any Dream Will Do finale (which you completely forgot at the dress rehearsal!) and the whole of the Megamix including your bows and the company bows.  If it is absolutely essential for you to leave earlier please stay until after the Entr’acte (around 9pm if timings run to plan) but would appreciate being able to run the whole show with you there.

On the party scene – please can Phoebe and Charlotte go to the stage left group (with Sheila) for the party dance and the rest of you join Ruth’s group – will be much easier for you to get back on the steps at the end!  Sheila’s group please watch for them and let them into the circle with you before you stop to free-form dance. 

Pit singers – please arrive by 7pm ready for warm-up.  You do not need to wear your outfits.

Blankets – please still have a rummage at home and bring along any extra non-brightly coloured blankets on Tuesday as we still seem to be short.  If you are a Potiphar Guard at the start of Go, Go, Go Joseph (Becky H, Stephen & Hyder) you will not need a blanket so, if you have one, please donate yours to anyone else who is missing one or whose blanket is too bright.

Please email the costume team if you think you are still missing something.  We have made notes on the things you were missing on Saturday so have hopefully picked it up.  Also, please let them know if you are sourcing anything yourself. 

If you are coming down to the hall tonight for the technical run or for costumes please make sure you are in the building by 7.45pm at the latest and ONLY use the fire exit doors from the hall to the car-park and NOT the main doors into the coffee bar as there is another booking for the coffee bar tonight.

Have a great couple of days and see you all rested and refreshed tomorrow for our last run-through before our official OPENING NIGHT!!  Hope you are all as excited as me!

Louisa x

Joseph – Week 15 rehearsal plan (LAST WEEK BEFORE SHOW WEEK!!!)

Hello everyone!

Right, this is it.  Our last week of rehearsals before the show.  That means we are now down to just two rehearsals before the dress rehearsal and only a maximum of four rehearsals left before the show!!  Yikes!!  So please work hard, check all the points below to make sure you don’t miss something and ASK if you are unsure what you are doing!

Everyone is needed at ALL rehearsals from now on.  Don’t forget that it doesn’t just affect you if you don’t turn up but it is extremely off-putting to the other members of the cast so please make every effort to attend.

This week

Again the focus will be on tidying up and running the show through each night.  Please help out with getting chairs out, band set up and getting to the right places quickly (including listening out for the end of the song before you are on and waiting in the wings to come on with any props that you need).  Please bring AND wear the shoes you are planning to use for the show so we can check if there are any problems with them.


Nearly all the props will be available from Thursday evening so if you are meant to bring something on please look carefully for it in advance and bring it on with you.  I will briefly go through the items on the props tables before we start.  In particular, Wives the pots, baskets etc will be available so please collect them before your entrance for Jacob & Sons.  We will try and have some of the material available for those who are “sewing” instead.  If you don’t have a prop because there is nothing left for you please tell me at a suitable break so we can arrange this for Friday’s run.  Blankets will be available for some of you for Go Joseph so please grab one or use your own (see my earlier email) and don’t mime unless we have run out – we particularly need to sort this as we need to practice you throwing them all off!

Scenery/stage – entrances and exits

The stage and set crew have done an excellent job of getting most of the set finished and fixed ready for our rehearsals this week (big thanks once again to the wonderful team J)  Unless you have a specific entrance or exit from the audience (such as the Camel/Ishmaelites or the Guards or Choir and Narrator from the front of stage right) please DO NOT climb on the stage from the audience or use the gap on stage right to get into the wings.  Everyone will need to allow extra time to go through the Church and to cross behind the stage during the numbers so you can enter from stage right and/or stage left.  This is the best way for you to get used to how long it will take on the night – especially given you have to grab props!

Please be careful backstage.  Be helpful and considerate towards one another.  Please let people and props off the stage before you attempt to come on!


Please can everyone in the cast bring everything that you are providing for your costume (including shoes) and make sure you see the costume team before rehearsals on either Thursday or Friday evening.  Caroline will be available upstairs from 6.30pm both days.  Please use the main entrance on Thursday (not the fire exit) as the dance group will be in until 7.30pm and be aware that there is also a meeting for the Church Voyager’s group from 6.45pm so keep the noise down.

In particular, please can the following see Caroline on Thursday before rehearsals to try on all your costumes but specifically the following (please don’t all arrive at 7.15pm – please spread out from 6.30pm):

Seb – Joseph (both Act 1 and Act 2)

Sheila – Brother, Go Jo and Pharoah’s Servant

Paul – Brother, Go Jo & Fat Cow

Ann – Wife, Potiphar Quartet and Pharaoh servant costumes

Rachael B – Wife, Potiphar Servant, Go Joseph, Cheerleader and Corn/star dancer

Bob – Jacob & Potiphar Quartet

Mandy – Narrator and Potiphar Quartet

Ruth – Narrator

Hannah T – Benjamin & Thin cow & Go Jo

Natalie – Benjamin’s Wife & Cheerleader & Go Jo

Bert – Levi & Potiphar servant

John – Potiphar

Clare J – Potiphar’s Wife & Jacob’s Servant

Stephen – Guard (Act 1 and Act 2) & Camel

Becky H – Ishmaelite & Go Joseph

Paula G – Butler & Go Jo costume

Katy G – Wife and cheerleader

Gary – Fat Cow & Brother

James – please can you make sure you visit the costume team on Friday re Pharoah

Everyone else please see the costume team on Friday (unless you can’t get there early in which case please go Thursday or as soon as you arrive on either night)  If you don’t have everything please check with them again what you are meant to be providing.


Does anyone have a collection of gold, blue, silver or white pom-poms or shiny wigs?  The costume team are still hunting down the pom-poms for the cheerleaders.  If you can help please contact Caroline Cadlock.

Pit Singers

Pit Singers please bring your “costume” for the dress rehearsal.  You will need black shoes, black trousers (or long black skirt) and a brightly coloured top, ideally a Barnstormers t-shirt if you have one.  If you have music stand lights you may also find these helpful for the dress rehearsal.  Some lights may be available but torches are not appropriate.

Thursday 19 April

At 7.15pm – All Stars & Corn dancers from Joseph’s Dreams (downstairs in Church to practice with Margaret)

At 7.30pm – Everyone please (including Pit Singers and Joseph Choir) to work through & run the show [Choir – finish time of 9pm]

Friday 20 April

At 7pm, Nick and Rachel to work tango

Our Barnstormers prayer group will be meeting in the room on the left at the top of the stairs from 7.10-7.30pm on Friday.

At 7.30pm – Everyone please (including Pit Singers and Joseph Choir) to work through numbers as needed before running the entire show

Saturday 21 April

Everyone will be needed during the course of the afternoon (1-5pm), including the Choir and Pit Singers.  Exact arrival times will be confirmed over the next couple of days so please listen carefully to announcements and check your emails for confirmation.  Please arrive from 6pm for the dress rehearsal to have time for changing, make-up and photos.  Refer to Bert’s email for further details.

Advance notice – please continue to keep Tuesday 24 April free for a full run-through.  We are expecting to use this as a complete run which will be the only opportunity some of you will have to practice with your costumes.  This will be every bit as important as the dress rehearsal as it will be the first time the full lights and sound will be available so please make sure you are available.

Now is the time to concentrate, make notes if you need to remember something, check with one of us if there is something you are unsure of and get used to using props/scenery etc.  Please keep up the hard work and really focus on these last few rehearsals so we can put on a fantastic show.