Titanic Rehearsals Week 3

Well done last Friday, we got through quite a lot and thanks for arriving and being ready to start on time and to those who assisted with the moving of the communion table afterwards. This week has been hard to organize because we have quite a few people away, which was always going to happen at this time of year. Can I ask that if you do know that you are going to be away, can you please let me know by email asap so that I can allow for this when I am planning the rehearsal schedules.

A couple of gripes that I will get out of the way first. Can you all please collect, wash and dry up your own mugs, cups, plates etc as I don’t want to be there until gone half 10 each week doing kitchen duty. Thanks to those who always do make sure this is done. Secondly, if you know that you will be dancing, please wear suitable footwear that will stay on your feet.

Ok, that done, now to this week. Hannah P is away so we will not be learning any new songs, therefore pit singers will not be needed.

Thursday 26th July

7.30pm Margaret will go over and run the “Ladies Maid” additional jig dance that will come at the beginning of Act 1 Scene 5, before the dialogue starts.
Those needed are; Louisa, Claire F, Laura, Matt, Rachel J, Becky H, Natasha, Rachael B, Natalie, Becky K, Hannah J, Clare J, Hannah M, Paula S (dancing)
Keith, George, Bob, Hyder, (clapping)
(Hannah T, Paula G, Nick H, Bert and Stephen are also in this but are away)
Those who I have not mentioned have not been put in this due to “doubling up” already.

7.30pm I will work with James on the staging for “6 Barrett’s Song.”

8.00pm I will work with Gary and John C on staging for “10 Cap Lights” (Lightoller, Nick P is away)
and touch on staging for “11 To Be A Captain” with John C.

8.20pm Louisa, Claire F, Laura and Matt to work with me on Act 1 Scene 5 dialogue, (page 40) then staging for “Ladies Maid” song.

8.50pm Break

9.05pm All needed-Margaret will re-run “2e-2j” and make sure that everyone knows when they go on, where they will be and iron out any problems for the Opening Finale.
(apart from those below working with me)

9.05pm I will work with James, Paul B, Becky K and Becky H on staging “2, 2a & 2b”

Friday 27th July

Many of you indicated that you would like to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, which starts at 9pm with a pre run-up starting at 8.12pm, so there will not be a formal rehearsal that evening to allow for this. However, if anyone does not particularly want to watch it and they would like to work on something specific, do email me and I’ll see who’s interested and what I can arrange.

Bearing in mind that we will have had only one rehearsal for two weeks running, that will put us a little behind schedule so it will be “all hands on deck” next week.
Our Barnstormers’ prayer group will meet again on Friday 3rd Aug at 7.10pm and each Friday thereafter for anyone who wishes to attend.

Have a good week everyone.

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