Welcome to the new “Guest Posts” section!

We have just introduced a very exciting new “Guest Posts” section especially for you! 

Hyder very kindly submitted the first entry: the story of Joseph from the perspective of the Camel.  This fantastic short story can now be found ONLY on the Barnstormers site under the “Guest Posts” sub-folder. 

It would be fantastic for as many of you as possible to submit entries for the Guest Post section.  It could be a short story from another character’s perspective, a poem, revised lyrics for one of the songs (keep them clean, please), thoughts about the last or current production, memories of other productions or rehearsal anecdotes.  We would love the backstage teams to have a chance to share too so please feel free to submit entries by email (word ideally) to Seb and Louisa so we can get these posted up on the site.

Don’t forget to keep your profile updated too.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new “Guest Posts” section!

    1. Goodness. I didn’t know that was possible!

      Go ahead and put them down. We’ll be waiting for your contribution…

  1. Don’t forget to send those Guest Post entries in! Let your imagination run wild with revised lyrics, anecdotes, poems, stories based on the theme of any of our shows or your memories of shows gone by.

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